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Recent Acquisitions and Investments Highlights

Hartwell Medical Leader in emergency medical supplies including immobilization, splints and airway management products.

Rescue EssentialsLeader in design and supply of medical first aid kits and medical supply products serving the emergency medical and consumer markets.

Tri-Tech Forensics - Leader in design, assembly and distribution of specimen collection kits required for forensic and medical examination.

Select Prior Investments and Past Affiliations

Bonded Services

The Hotel Networks

The Daily Racing Form


Imaging Business Machines

*Past affiliations:

Celtic Healthcare

Cadence Capital Management



Viking Plastics

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment

Ashton Potter

*Mr. Monteleone and Mr. Cesare previously served on the advisory board of F.N.B. Capital Corporation (Tecum Capital), a prior merchant banking subsidiary of First National Bank of Pennsylvania (NYSE: FNB).  Several of the prior investments listed above were executed as individual co-investments with F.N.B Capital or in connection with such board positions. 

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